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I am not doing this blog for anyone but myself but if it happens to provide some enjoyment/interest to others, that's just a bonus. I am not a writer and the words that I'll write on here will I'm sure, have a lot of errors and could've been written in a more beautiful form. So for that, I apologise.

This is, I suppose, an 'adventure' blog. However, I don't want that to put people off. Yes I will write about some adventurous memories/moments etc but I am trying to draw connections to the real world too and be as honest as I can.

I've always written diaries particularly when I'm out on expeditions. I use them as a place to release and reflect. Reflecting is something we don't put time aside for in the modern Western world. By writing a diary insert at the end of every day, for example, writing about a near death experience a few hours after it happened. This can not only put it in perspective of just how terrible it could've been, but also how lucky you are to have got through it.. You are more likely to learn from this experience.. Let's hope so.

So that is what this is all about. A few memories and thoughts of Lucy.