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West Highland Way

West Highland Way

Sorry for being off the posts the last couple of months. It's been hectic my end and there's a lot of exciting prospects happening at the moment. Unfortunately I can't share just yet what these prospects are, but they really are out of this world. I have two little adventurers planned for the upcoming weeks. Let me tell you about the first:

Next week, I am heading up to Scotland to complete the West Highland Way in only two days (or three if weather terrible)! The West Highland Way is normally done between five and seven days but I thought I'd step it up a notch.

I've invited one of my Patagonia team mates, Donald Evans, with me. He knows the route well and is one of the most optimistic people I've ever met so will be a good guy to go with.

Our route will start just outside of Glasgow and we will walk 45 miles the first day, 50 the next. We've decided to pack light, so no tent or stove. Instead we have booked into a basic hostel 45 miles in. This means we really do have to make our first target!!

I know our feet are going to become numb, I know our legs will become jelly and I know our eyes will tell us they want to close. I also know that my mind will tell me that I can do it.

I walked my first 40 miles in one go a few weeks ago. This took 12/13 hours. It was on flat and easy walking. I walked next to the Thames. It was a lovely way to see London and I recommend it to others who want to have a long day walking without leaving the city!