Surround yourself with people you respect, people you admire, people you are inspired by and people that have a positivity for life and live a life they love. I truly think that it’s what drives me the most. I am affected by others mood. If someone is down in the dumps or bored with life, it gets me down. I hate that it can and I try to resist by taking myself away from those scenarios.

This weekend, Tim and I spent it with adventurer (one title of many) Neil Laughton. I have known Neil for many years now and he is a man I hugely respect and look up to. I have been on expeditions with him, partied with him and I go to him for advice. Saturday night we all chatted about adventure, past, present and future, our ambitions and love of life. We then hit the dance floor after one too many cocktails!! Sunday was a different story, I’ll go into that later!

I get such a buzz of excitement, interacting with those who are on the same wavelength as me. Tim and I have one another to bounce off, which we treasure but we get an extra high when there’s someone else who is more experienced and has new adventures and words of wisdom to pass on. I know that for as long as I live I want to have this lust for life. Doing things that I love and making them happen no matter what. There’s always a way to make your dreams come true and Neil is a shining example of that. The man seems to be able to make any idea a reality and has his fingers in so many different honey pots - he just makes time for everything. It’s a wonderful feeling to think and know you can do the same. I’ve proved it to be the same for me so far and I’ll keep proving it.

There’s this unique notion when around a table with likeminded people talking about dreams and ambitions. The energy, excitement and pure happiness with life is so contagious, as long as you let it be. It’s just so great to be with people who can recognise opportunities whatever they are and be proactive in making something that seems impossible, possible. I hope that I too can have that effect on people because I am so susceptible to it!

I really think people can get stuck in a rut all too easily by being around others who are also not making the most of their time and who live a life too comfortable. There’s something huge to be said for getting out of your comfort zone once in a while and meeting new people and trying new things. Be different and dive into the deep end.  I can’t think of anything worse than sticking with the same predictable routine.

As for Sunday, Neil invited us to learn what he’s been encouraging many others to try… Penny farthing riding! Why the hell not eh?! So on Sunday morning, we all rocked up hungover and a little off balance at St James Square to learn the art of the penny farthing. After just over an hour of practicing riding and getting on and off on quiet roads we hit the busy central streets of London to see the sights of the city! It was fantastic fun, a skill was learnt and I’ve never had my photo taken so many times in such a short space of time!!