I’ve been off the posting recently, I came down with that awful cold bug that lingered for weeks. At the same time I’m moving house and so sleeping on friend’s sofas for the time being and all my outdoor kit is in storage until I’m with a base to call home. No mini expeds recently, just work and reflecting on past ones.

Further reflection on Denali really does make me realise how great the trip was. Alaska stole my heart and it is a place I will most definitely be returning to.

The time since returning from Denali has really snuck up. It’s 4 months since I came back and it’s not until now that I’ve had the next expedition set up. Training has taken a back seat recently, I’ve been ill but at the same time my partner Tim Taylor, has had an exhibition up in Westminster for which I’ve been helping run, I've been giving my new talk to schools and adding to that my full time job, I’ve been exhausted. Now though, it’s my turn and with the new goal set my mental and physical health can step up.

So the new expedition. Well, it is something a little different than usual… To put it in it’s simplest form it is a charity expedition that will happen in 2018 to have the World’s Highest Dinner Party on Everest. I’ve been invited to join the team and I’ll be representing the girls with my ball gown dress on whilst the men wear three piece suits from Thomas Pink. This bizarre stunt is all for a fantastic cause. Our aim is to beat our old target of £120,000 (the team attempted this record in 2015 but had to be turned around due to the infamous earthquake). The charity is Community Action Nepal who support the mountain people of Nepal. We have some big corporate sponsors on board but we are still looking for more.


The dinner itself is an actual Guinness World Record. Our dinner party will be held on the Tibetan side of Everest on the North Col at 7020m. This will beat my altitude PB and it’s not something to be sniffed at.

The expedition is being led by explorer Neil Laughton. I’ve known Neil for many years now and he’s been my mentor in the adventure world ever since I began getting serious with it. The dinner party will be something to remember!

So with my cold now gone I can begin training at full throttle again which I’m looking forward to. At the same time there’s another expedition to think about training for. This one is currently top secret but it’s something no Westerner has ever done. It’s at the planning stage for the moment but when it’s time to reveal all, I look forward to telling you.

For now though, I'm happy to be back in the game!