My next challenge is a 'biggun' (big one). Thinking about it now makes me gulp and feel like I should run around the block and do some press ups in order to prepare.

I am the captain of a four person team taking part in the Patagonia Expedition Race 2016. This race is serious. 'The Last Wild Race' 'The Toughest Race on Earth'. It will seperate the men from the boys. (In my case the women.)

Patagonia is not to be taken lightly. The race is over about ten days covering between 700 - 1000 km. Sleep is optional. A team is disqualified if they do not make the check points in time. The checkpoints are given only 24 hours in advance and from there it's up to your team to figure out how to get there in the fastest way possible.

The race consists of hiking, climbing, mountain biking and sea kayaking. My biggest fear is not cycling fast enough as my other team members are all accomplished cyclists - and they have the muscle on their legs to prove it! It's going to take a lot of hours on the bike to get up to speed. See what I did there?

Sleep deprivation will be hard, especially trying to map read... All part of the fun!

On this blog I'll make updates on my team's training progress. We are looking for sponsors for this race too.. Hint hint.

More on the race will follow.