Don't lose your botheredness is a life mantra so to speak.

I first heard it when I was on my first serious expedition in the Arctic in 2011.

I was out there for a few months with a small group and we were all learning the way of expedition life. It was a saying our leader would tell us to think of when your mind tries to make excuses or bargaining with something you simply cannot be bothered to do. It can range from anything to deciding to check your foot and pull up your sock because it's rubbing a little whilst you pulk to remembering to bring in your pulk to a suitable protected position at night time. Both of these could result in mini disasters if left alone because at the time you couldn't be bothered. The rubbing sock could cause a blister that could hinder your progress for days after. The pulk could be blown away from a gust of wind during the night, never to be seen again.

Now if we take this saying to real life, it still applies (agreed that it's the consequences aren't as life threatening). Pushing yourself to apply to the job, even though it may take hours of research and boring cover letter writing. Going to that talk in central London that you really don't feel like (you might get inspired to do something or even make a new friend!) So that's what comes into my head when I really think that that something is the last thing in the world that I want to do - the less I want to do it, the more this mantra comes into my head and the more I feel guilty unless I do it.