13th May 2020 - 26th May 2020 (10 whole days on expedition!)


Last year myself and Liv Engholm from Turgleder joined forces and took a team out to cross the Finnsmarkvidda plateau in the Arctic wilderness of Northern Norway. The expedition was a huge success and so now we’ve decided to go EVEN BIGGER!


FOR THE EXPEDITION IN May 2020, Liv and I will be looking for 8 people to join us for a special Svalbard expedition…

this is not one to be missed!

A taste of what to expect in Svalbard!

Svalbard was where it all began for me and I cannot wait to introduce you to this beautiful landscape.

This is a full on ski adventure but no previous ski experience is needed nor expedition experience, however there will be a certain level of fitness required but don’t worry, this isn’t a daunting amount and we will be able to guide you how is best to train. If you are keen, enthusiastic and willing to learn then you will be more than alright on this fantastic adventure.

This is the wilderness at its purest!


We fly into Longyearbyen and from there we take a boat across Isfjorden. The boats take us as far as they can at which point they will leave us on the sea ice and our expedition really begins.

We ski across the rest of the fjord on the sea ice and after we reach land, we start skiing up one of the many glaciers in the area. During the following days we will be skiing among glaciers and mountain tops that can be seen protruding out of the glaciers. We may even summit some mountains. Camps will be chosen based on weather, progress, or certain wishes from the expedition members.

As the days go on, you will learn how to look after yourself in the pristine Arctic wilderness, get completely comfortable on the skis and with winter camping and I’m certain you will fall in love with this world in a way you never thought possible.


This is a great time of year to go due to the temperatures being fairly mild and for the 24 hour sunlight (although as it’s the Arctic, the weather can always surprise you!)

The expedition itself will be ten whole days. Exact dates are 13th May 2020 - 26th May 2020.

We will supply sleds, food, team equipment etc. Personal kit can be borrowed or hired at an additional cost (like skis, boots, sleeping bags and down jackets) There will be no where to spend your money when on the expedition so don’t worry about much pocket money!

During the trip, Liv and I will manage the daily routines in such a way that everyone gets into the proper expedition rhythm. When this is established everyone will know what to do and how we can help each other. In this way the expedition can really turn into the trip of a lifetime. Due to the fact that this trip mainly consists of cross country skiing on different forms of ice, we will use different techniques to ensure safe travel and equipment for travel in areas with crevasses is part of the standard equipment.

Equipment for dealing with an unlikely polar bear encounter is also part of the standard equipment. You will also have a lot of time to learn new tricks (or sharpen up old ones) from your guides, who all have long and extensive experience guiding trips in the high Arctic.

Price is 45.000 NOK. (NB: This does not include flights to Longyearbyen nor personal kit)

The deposit is 15.000 NOK and the rest has to be paid by 13th of March 2020.

Please get in touch to be sent the booking form. This will secure your place!

It’s is going to be awesome! Email me on hello@lucyshepherd.net


Svalbard from above!


How do we travel?

We cross country ski pulling sleds. You do not need to have skied before, we will teach you to get efficient on skis.

How long do we ski for?

This will vary day to day. Sometimes as a team we will choose to do longer days and some shorter.

Is food and accommodation included?

All food is included except lunch and dinner on day 2 in Longyearbyen. Accommodation is included (most of the time we will be in tents apart from when at Longyearbyen guesthouse).

How fit do i need to be?

You need to have a reasonable level of fitness. I will be able to advise in detail any worries you may have but if you are considering this expedition you are likely the right candidate already! Cross country skiing is a very low impact activity and most find they manage exceptionally well and find it even easier than walking for many hours a day!

Where do we fly in to?

Longyearbyen in Svalbard.

Are flights included?

No flights are not included.

Will there be polar bears?

Svalbard is home for many polar bears. We have the correct safety equipment and will follow professional procedures in the unlikely event that we encounter one nearby.

How cold will it be?

Temperatures are often around -5°c in the daytime and a bit lower at night, but high on the plateau we can also experience -20°c. We are always careful about putting up camp because even at this time of the year, Svalbard weather can change very fast.

What equipment do I need to bring?

There is a full kit list available on request. Extra equipment is available to hire.

Do I need any previous experience?

No - but a keen and enthusiastic frame of mind may come in handy! We will make you Arctic ninjas in no time!

How much is it?

45.000 NOK. The deposit is 15.000 NOK and the rest has to be paid by 13th of March 2020 . This includes almost everything (but not flights, insurance and a few personal items)

How do we get to the start point?

We travel by a fast speed boat!

Do I need insurance?

Yes, there are various companies that supply this like BMC or Dogtag. Ask for more details if unsure!

I’m in! How do I secure my spot on the team?!

Please get in touch to be sent the booking form. This will secure your place! hello@lucyshepherd.net


Photos on this page from either Liv Engholm or Lucy Shepherd