Lucy's adventures range from big to small. Below are some of her more prominant expeditions.



Greenland Expedition

Lucy was sent to Greenland in June 2019 for two weeks to film an expedition that took place on the ice involving 11 men from the US Coastguards and civilians from Latvia and USA.


Ski mountaineering across the High Sierra mountain range

In early June 2019 Lucy, Tim Taylor and Matt Schulman became a team once again to tackle the epic Sierra High Route in California. The snow was challenging and route finding and conditions threatened their attempt but the trio overcame everything that was thrown at them and completed the traverse! Lucy was officially gear testing equipment from Protrek and Columbia clothing on this adventure.


Arctic Finnmark Plateau - Guiding Expedition

Lucy joined forces with Turgleder and successfully guided 5 novices across the Finnsmarkvidda plateau. The team exeprienced freezing temperatures of -33C, strong storms and beautiful scenery. A rewarding experience to guide a great group of people through a life changing expedition. February - March 2019.

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Tajikistan - Peak Korzhenevskaya 


An expedition that ended with tragedy. Lucy and Tim spent one month during July/August 2018 climbing in the Pamir mountain range that is home to 7000m peaks. The pair were faced with all kinds of obstacles and objective dangers throughout. 24 hours after returning safely to the city  from base camp by the only method of transport; helicopter, the terrible news of a fatal helicopter crash spread.


Arctic Reunion Expedition

With time limited, KP and Lucy set off to ski a different route of the Finnsmarkvidda Plateau than Lucy had originally skied (in 2014 Lucy skied the plateau from North to South). This year, a shorter distance West to East was the aim. KP was in Lucy's 2011 Svalbard expedition team and this was the first time they'd both joined forces in the Arctic since. The new Finnsmarkvidda route was a successful, time and price budgeted journey!

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Climbing the world's coldest mountain: Denali

Denali (Mount McKinley) is often referred to as the world's coldest mountain. In May 2017 Lucy and her three team mates set off each with 200lbs of food, kit and fuel. Luckily, bringing all the extra kit was worth it because at 14,000ft camp the team got stuck in their tents in a 2 week storm. Temperatures reached -40C and winds at 90mph. Once the storm broke for a few days, the team were able to make their move up North America's highest mountain.

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Skiing the Norwegian Russian Border

In January 2017 Lucy set out to ski the Norwegian Russian border with her friend Liv and two dogs. Unfortunately Liv became sick and Lucy set out alone accompanied by one dog, Sno.

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A fully packed trip to Iceland in 2016. Iceberg Swimming and Glacier Abseiling were the main components of this expedition. Iceland really is the place to take an adventure.

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Cordon Del Plata

After going to Argentina with the intention to climb Aconcagua but not being able to due to off season fees, Lucy head to the high mountain range of Cordon Del Plata which is home to numerous 5000m - 6000m peaks.

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The Patagonia Expedition Race

Lucy was the captain of a British four person team competing in the world's toughest adventure race, the Patagonia Expedition Race in February 2016. it proved to be a physical and emotional rollercoaster!


GR20 Solo

Lucy head to the French Island of Corsica in September 2015 to complete the GR20 trail. Known as the hardest GR trek of them all, the hardest trek in Europe. Lucy bivvied the whole way and scrambled her way to the finish.

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A Spanish 500 miles

In need of an escape from the city of London, Lucy planned a route across the Picos de Europa. After three weeks of trekking alone in the very beautiful mountains Lucy met the walking highway, The Camino de Santiago at Leon and finished her trek on the well trodden path - a big contrast to the first part of her trek! May 2015. 

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The Amazon Jungle

Lucy head to the Guayana Amazon rainforest where she was accompanied by two Amerindian tribesmen. They took no food but hunted, fished and foraged the whole time. During the trip they smoked additional caught food to take back to the tribal village. The jungle was a harsh place to be for a month. July 2014.

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Crossing the Finnsmarkvidda Plateau in Arctic Winter

200km North to South on the wilderness arctic plateau. Lucy was one of three to complete the extreme expedition. 2014.

The High Mountains of Bolivia

Climbing 6000m peaks in the beautiful Bolivia during July to August 2013.

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The Heroes of Telemark Expedition

Lucy was invited by explorer Neil Laughton to be in a team of six of people who would reenact the famous operation Grouse mission in  WW2. It took place on the Hardangervidda Plateau and no team is known to have complete the entire route from exact start to finish since the mission took place. 

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The Haute Route. Chamonix to Zermatt.

An adventure on the famous Haute route. Chamonix to Zermatt was completed along side Svalbard team mates from the year before. The team were unsupported. September 2012.

Arctic Svalbard

For ten weeks, Lucy and her ten team mates lived in the Arctic without any outside contact. Moving most days to complete science work and climb unnamed peaks, the expedition was to spark off the fire for big adventures for Lucy. April - June 2011.

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