“One young and beautiful woman who is doing it her way, throwing off pre-conception and inspiring the next generation of women adventurers, Lucy Shepherd. Using her illustrated blog as a vehicle to educate and facilitate communicating the message, not just of independence and courage but also to highlight environmental change." - Vanessa Champion, PhotoAid F8


Lucy throws herself head first into extraordinary global challenges. Always underestimated in modern society, it has become normal to go above and beyond the expectations that people put on her.

Lucy (26) is an adventurer in every meaning of the word. A mountaineer, arctic explorer and jungle survivor. She has travelled all over the world scaling gnarly peaks, leading solo and team expeditions and crossed multiple countries by foot. With a television background, she films each expedition and uses them to communicate her story as well as to start the conversation of the climate crisis that she observes during her challenges. She provides a real and honest approach to the harsh reality of these environments.

Lucy was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society at just 23 and is a Member of the Scientific Exploration Society. 

Lucy is currently on our screens around the world in the new Dove Skincare Campaign featuring as herself.

“The perspective one gets on expeditions is unique. It's a perspective that makes one think beyond one's own needs and is a humbling experience that everyone should experience.”

With the climate in the fragile state that it is, Lucy's attention has also focused on getting the message of the urgency that this planet faces as the temperatures rise. 

Lucy talking about expeditions and climate change in her PhotoAid interview:

"On a larger note, they’ve made me want to make others more aware of the fragility of our planet and the crisis that we are facing with climate change and mass extinction. It’s all too clear when you’re surrounded by nature every day the damage that we are causing from our western habits. Nowadays, the general public is far too detached from the world in which we came from which is deeply saddening not only because of the impact it is causing on the planet but also those very people are the ones missing out on the best thing about this Earth."

In 2015 Lucy was elected to become a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. It is a title she holds proudly.

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